Public Speaking

Lydia Dawley speaking

I am a professional public speaker regarding my experiences with assistive technology and communication. Most of my presentations are given at conferences and colleges. My goal is for others to learn from my AAC experiences, both good and bad, to help others open their minds to less streamline AAC choices. I also provide presentations virtually (e.g., Zoom).

Consulting With Parents, Teachers, and Therapists

lydia and client

The goal of every consultation session is to help parents, teachers, and therapists to find easy access to resources for building their child’s communication. As an AAC user, I want to relieve the frustrations for other AAC users through sharing my experience and perspective. I can provide consultations through email, Facebook, and text (in the Monthly Subscription) or virtually (e.g., Zoom).


Consulting With AAC Users

lydia and aac client 2

Consultation directly with AAC users involves sharing my experiences and listening to yours in order to offer suggestions that will help ease your frustrations and brainstorm ways to help you overcome obstacles. I am a passionate, out-of-the-box thinker who is willing to help you challenge artificial limitations to meet and exceed your goals. I can provide consultations through  email, Facebook, and text (in the Monthly Subscription) or virtually (e.g., Zoom).




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Learn more about AAC from unique and powerful perspectives.

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