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Meet Lydia Dawley

     Lydia Dawley has always had a passion for helping people understand that people with disabilities can do anything, but they do things  differently. Having Mixed Cerebral Palsy since birth, Lydia had to show people that she had the ability and strength to do the same things as her peers. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with her  Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies with a speciality in Communication Sciences and Disorders, she opened her own business called Click. Speak. Connect. to mentor to people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, and consult with educators and parents to best support their students. She sells her stylus that she created for herself to others with disabilities. Lydia also does public speaking to schools to  share her life story to teach empathy and compassion. 

Looking Through My Eyes Series

Looking Through My Eyes Series follows a nine year old girl who has Mixed Cerebral Palsy. Even though Lydia cannot walk and talk, she does not let anything hold her back. With her supportive parents and brother, she has the courage to get herself out in the world and show what she can do!

Have Lydia Talk To Your Class & Do Q&A

Lydia will come to your classroom via Zoom, give her speech for 15 minutes, and do Q&A for 15 minutes.

Have Lydia Talk At Your School’s Assembly

Lydia will come to your school via Zoom, give her speech for 40 minutes, and do Q&A for 20 minutes.

Want To Contact Lydia Before Scheduling

Lydia will send you an email ASAP!!

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