Connect With Me Conference 2022

October 24-28
7:00pm - 8:00pm CST

Monday, October 24th:
Jodie McElwain Rodrigues

A short presentation about strategies for parenting using AAC as a mother with multiple disabilities. Will include how to address behavior, introduction to friends and information about how to advocate for yourself to meet the needs of your child with medical and education professionals. There will be time for questions at the end.

Tuesday, October 25th:
Courtney Johnson

People don’t always think of AAC users as having deep friendships or romantic relationships. Of course, we know this isn’t true! This presentation discusses how AAC can be a benefit instead of a barrier when it comes to making friends, socializing, and maintaining relationships with loved ones.

Wednesday, October 26th:
Himani and Lilly

Ever wondered what is it like to be a middle grade, AAC using girl who is fully included in an online public school? Well, Himani and Lily are here to tell you. It’s not often that teachers, therapists and parents get to hear directly from youth about their hopes, dreams, likes, pet peeves are wishes for a more accepting and welcoming world, so don’t miss this panel interview.

Thursday, October 27th
Kristy Lipe

My presentation is going to be focused on how Assistive technology has improved through time! I want to highlight the three different communication devices I’ve had over the past twenty-seven years! Which are going to be the DeltaTalker , the Eco 14 and the Accent 1400.

Friday, October 28th
Ali Wood

My presentation is about my personal journey with AAC, and the variety of AAC equipment that is available for other users.

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