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Lydia had multiple one-hour long sessions with our 14 year old daughter who has significant disabilities, uses multiple communication modalities, and uses a speech generated device.

Lydia brings a new energy and style to speech therapy for those who have significant communication needs. Lydia shows her extensive experience using and teaching with communication devices from a personal perspective. This alone makes her sessions unique and our daughter immediately connected and identified with her and opened up to conversing with Lydia.

During their sessions, Lydia meets our daughter where she is, directs her language, and builds up from there. Lydia provides patience, support, and empowers our daughter to communicate effortlessly at her skill level. Lydia works with our daughter by applying real life skills, social skills, language skills, and relationship building.

Our Daughter has been in speech therapy for over 12 years with multiple SLPs from multiple states and sessions with Lydia are innovative and exciting! Lydia provides a relaxed setting where our daughterÕs motivation to communicate was high, and a bond was established instantly between our daughter and Lydia. Working on communication should be enjoyable and time with Lydia is exactly that. Her sessions are non-stop conversing. Our daughter enjoys her time so much, she asked to do it again after each session.

I am grateful for connecting with Miss Lydia and it has been a privilege to hang out (work) with Miss Lydia. She is supporting my daughter to build her voice and live a life of communicating what she wants, to whom she wants, when she wants. Lydia provides a valuable service.

Jessica Ingle (a parent):

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